Ammardan's Rio Zaire RN, CGC, CGCA, TDI "Zaire"

Zaire's stats:

Date of Birth: April 3, 2015
Color: Blue merle and white
Coat: Rough/long  |  Weight: 40 pounds

OFA Hip Score: GOOD (BCO-12040G24M-VPI)
CERF Eye: clear May 2017
CEA: Normal (DNA tested)
CL: Normal (by parentage)
TNS: Normal (by parentage)
MDR1: Normal (by parentage)
OFA CHIC #: 135603

Sire: Wildblue Silver Jazz "Basie"
Sire hips: OFA prelim Good
Dam: Ch Ammardan WS I Believe I Can Fly PT "Nikki"
Dam hips: OFA Good (BCO-10151G25F-VPI)

Breeder: Danielle Nash (Ammardan)
Owner: Danielle Nash (Ammardan
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After an injury at 5 weeks old, we were unsure of Zaire's recovery or possible long term effects of it. But he is my miracle baby and came out unscathed. After all the extra time, tears, and stress put into him we formed a special bond and I could not let this boy go. And now I could not imagine life without this little pain in the butt! He is a very confident and happy little man, I believe his big strong personality pulled him through everything. He is always talking to us, telling us his thoughts on everything under the sun, and also voicing his opinion when he thinks I am wrong. He is just the absolute biggest character.

Zaire  is very sharp and bright, as smart as a whip, and a very silly kind of quirky. He has loads of stamina and is so much fun to work and play with. He is super goofy and immediately loves anybody he meets. His presence will never be unknown! I am so excited to continue watching him grow and what will come of him as he is turning into quite the handsome dog and I am pleased that I had the chance to have a litter with the beautiful Basie, thank you to Deanne of Wildblue BCs for letting me use him, which resulted in having our handsome Zaire and his sister Paris.

Zaire easily earned his therapy dog certification just after he turned a year old. He has also competed in Rally obedience and received his Novice title in just 3 shows, and we plan to compete with him again this summer for his Advanced title.

Zaire's name (pronounced like dare, with a 'Z') "Rio Zaire" may be a bit redundant, both Rio and Zaire meaning the same thing, which i was not aware of at the time of naming him. Rio meaning river in Spanish and Zaire also meaning river derived from African roots . But we wanted to give him a 'Rio' name. His mama Nikki, though she does not have 'Rio' in her name since I did not name her, is from my 'Rio' line and I wanted to continue that tradition with Zaire!

Below is a video of short compilations of Zaire's photos and videos of him talking to us. From birth to after his injury and recovery (as you can see, his eye corrected itself as he got older) and through to 9 months old. We will update this with videos later on as we get more!



Ammardan's Rio Zaire RN, CGCA, TDI

Wildblue Silver Jazz

Blue/white, OFA Good, CEA/CL/TNS Normal by Parentage

Cymric Hank Born To Boogie

Black/white, OFA Excellent, CEA/CL/TNS Normal, AKC pointed, Carries for dilute

Ch Castlewalk Jolly Good Fellow

Black/white, OFA Good

Am/Aust Ch Trumagik Tartan Scott

Black/white, OFA Excellent

Castlewalk Jolly Good of Del Sol

Black/white, OFA Good

Ch Kensington's Made For Ewe

Black/white, OFA Good

Ch Outburst Watch Me Stalk Ewe

Black/white, OFA Excellent

Ch Tobermoray Haute Couture

Black/white, OFA Good

Wildblue Tartan Mist

Blue/white, OFA Good, CEA & TNS Normal

Ch Wildblue Diamond In The Ruff

Blue/white, OFA Excellent, CEA Normal

Ch Bayshore's Indiglo

Blue/white, OFA Good

Ch Korella Wildblue Sunset

Gold/white, OFA Excellent, Australian import

Ch Tainsh's Ewe Too

Black/white, OFA Excellent

Am/NZ/SA Ch Clan Abby Too Much Tartan

Black/white, OFA Excellent

Ch Dykebar Lovely Rita O'tainsh NXAd, HXAs

Black/white, OFA Excellent

CH Ammardan's WS I Believe I Can Fly HSAs

Blue Merle, Carries no color, OFA Good, CEA Carrier, CL/TNS Normal, MDR1, IGS, DM Normal, eyes CERF/CAER clear, BCG Normal.

CH Wildblue Ammardan Assumed Risk

Black/white, OFA Good, CERF clear, Gonioscopy Normal, TNS Normal

Ch Wildblue Mirage

Gold/white, OFA Good, CEA/CL/TNS Normal by Parentage

Ch Wildblue Caoirean

Black/white, OFA Good

Wildblue Eternal Dream

Black/white, OFA Good

Mailway Classic Rule (Dan)

Black/white Denmark import

Dan Ch Korella Heart Breaker

Black/white, Hips HD-A/A

Maliway Black Ghost of Spooky (Dan)

Black/white, Hips HD-B/B

Ch Ammardan's Dreaming of Rio

Blue Merle, CEA Normal

Ch Ammardan's Stonewashed Jeans

Blue Merle, OFA prelim Fair, PENNHip Normal, CEA Normal, BCG Normal

Ch Borderfame Solid Rock

Black/white, OFA Good, Elbows Normal, CEA & TNS Normal, Australian import

Ch Ammardan's Forever In Blue Jeans CGC

Blue Merle, OFA Good, CEA Normal

Ch Ammardan's Rio Rhapsody

Black/white, OFA Good, CEA Normal

Ch Shoreland's Rio Bravo CGC, TDI, NAP, NJP

Black/white, OFA Good, CEA Normal

Ammardan's Olivia (ABCA 183289)

Black/white, blue eyes