Vet reference available upon request



Archer from Rage x Leah litter 11/25/14
Owned by Lindsay and Coenraad Stassen in Michigan




 Fiver from Zip x Zane litter 02/13/15
Owned by Matt and Arabelle Mondello in Oho



Dagny from Rage x Leah litter 11/25/14
Owned by Matt and Arabelle Mondello in Ohio



Bear (black and white) from Keegan and Gracie litter
Bowie (blue merle) from Zest and Starr litter
The Besack family in Pennsylvania



Was just looking at your website and thought you may like to see current photos of Jemma.  We love her, she is such a wonderful animal.
The Perri Family
Jemma from Levi and Jewel litter

From left to right:
Evie (from Rage x Leah litter) owned by the Paddock family
Leo (from Rage x Gracie litter) owned by the Boucher family
Sam (from Levi x Autumn litter) also owned by the Paddock family

All 3 are now residents of New York!


Ember (left) from Ace litter
Skye (right) from Hayden x Rumor litter
Owned by Vanessa Ayres in PA

We just wanted to send you an updated picture of Storm. We just got back from camping for ten days and she had a blast! She loves being outdoors, hiking and swimming. She is the love of all our lives!
Lori Swift & Family
Storm from Levi & Zane's litter 12/13/13

I just wanted to send you a picture of how beautiful Elliott is turning out! We absolutely love love love this dog! He is wonderful, smart and so loving! People comment on him all the time and we always tell them we can tell he came from an amazing breeder. You guys are doing a wonderful job and can't thank you enough for bringing him into our lives! I think he looks a lot like the pictures of his daddy Keegan. I hope the picture I attached came through for you. Thank you again! Plan on getting another one from you guys in the future.
Casey Baker in PA
Elliot from Keegan & Gracie litter born 12/1/12

Thank you for Lucas !!! We don't have Words to say how much we love him .
Veronica Acitores in Texas
"Lucas" from Keegan and Gracie litter born 12/1/12

Hi Danielle! Riley entered his first AKC trial in TN last weekend. Keagan would be proud of him! He scored 100 and 95 on the 2 JWW runs he entered and 95 for one of the STD classes ( launched from frame and dog walk on last run so he didn't Q on it) We had countless people stop to comment on how handsome he is. We made sure to mention where we got him :)) He'll be 17 months on the 17th.
Gena Carmicle in Kentucky
"Riley" Ammardan Life of Riley Ray NA, NAJ, NF
From Keegan and Amailee's litter born 10/17/11

Thank you so much, he has been a wonderful addition to the family!!
Kiley Barebieri in CT
Jace from Keegan & Zane's litter born 03/11/13

I just have to tell you that I absolutely love Gabi. She is so sweet, so happy, so very compliant with whatever I ask her to her. She just has a fabulous temperament, and I am so glad she is here. I was thinking about it last night (when she wiggled her way onto my lap) and thought I should tell you! I think she is going to be just lovely too, she is still growing up but she is put together so nicely and is just lovely. Thank you for my pretty blue girl.
Leah Zaragoza in New Mexico
"Gabi" from Zeb and Bell's litter

Our whole family truly loves Levi! He has made our lives so much happier. He is very lovable and enjoys giving kisses. He loves to play ball and frisbee. He also enjoys to chew everyone's socks!! I am attaching a couple of pictures of Levi. He is growing up so fast.

Diane Davis in OH
Levi from Ace & Melody's litter 06/22/13

Just wanted to send you a few pics of Lili.  She'll be two this June.  What a joy, except when she stalks all the cars when we go for our walks.  She's a great frisbee catcher!!!!  She is great with the kids.  When we are in the back yard, don't need a leash.  Only when we go for our walks!  What fun!  Thanks.
Dan Wold in Ohio
"Lili" from Zach & Nova litter
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