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Please contact me for any questions or further information. I prefer email for first contact, so please send me an email by filling out the form below so I can get some general information about you. I do love to talk about my babies and enjoy talking to potential owners, so I will be happy to give you a call at your request.

I will no longer respond to one liner emails!! I take my time to email these back without any response or acknowledgment and I will no longer waste my time. If you are a serious potential home then please tell me about yourself and what you are looking for, and read the "How I raise my puppies" page BEFORE you email me. Many questions can be answered on that page, including price information, my contract & health guarantee, and the puppies page will list any current litters or puppies I may have available. Thank you!
I generally respond to emails within 2-3 days during the week. If you do not receive a reply from me, please email again and let me know. I am currently having email issues where people say they are not receiving my emails! I will do my best to have this worked out soon.
Any members of the Ammardan family, please find my group on Facebook called 'Ammardan Family'. Whether you own a puppy from me now, are on my waiting list, or have previously owned a dog from many years ago we would love to see photos of them and it is a great way to interact with other puppy families and find siblings, cousins, etc!

Danielle Nash, Ammardan Border Collies

We are located in Garrettsville, Ohio

(330) 527-0598




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