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August 2017- Our newest Champion, Ammardan's Arianthe (pictured right)! "Ari" had a 3 for 3 weekend, starting Friday with Winners bitch/Best of winners for 2 points. She followed Saturday with Winners bitch again for 3 points (her 3rd major), and again went Winners bitch/Best of winners on Sunday for her final point! Click on her photo to enlarge.




  • July 2016

July 16- Vienna is winners bitch for her very last point to finish her championship! I am so proud of my girl. She is such a show boat and loves this job, we might take her out for her Grand Championship because she really enjoys showing!

July 3- Vienna does it again. She is winners bitch for her 3rd major. She only needs 1 more point for her championship!

And in health news for the month we have OFA/CERF clear eyes from Ultra, Leah, Starr, and Sully! We should have a few more eye updates next month! Zaire has also OFA hips prelim Good!
  • May 2016

Not owned by us, but bred by us so we must brag! Lyric's gorgeous sister "Harmony" (A Little Morr's In Perfect Harmony, from our Rage x Melody litter), bred by both Ammardan and Bethany Morr/A Little Morr Farm, owned by Bethany, was Winners bitch for her first points, a 4 point major under Mr Lee Brown. Harmony is owned by Bethany Morr. (pictured right is Harmony).

We had a wonderful weekend at Tallmadge, OH shows. Vienna was winners bitch both days, this gave her BOTH of her majors! Lyric was winners dog on Saturday for his second major. Thank you to judges Ms Mary Murphy-East and Mrs Donna Conad. This currently gives Lyric 8 total points, and Vienna has 9 total points.


  • April 2016

Leah and Ultra (pictured below) both took their therapy dog test and received their therapy dog certifications!
  • Spring 2016
After breaking my foot back in September, it took 22 weeks to heal... I was completely non-weight baring for 5 1/2 months! The dogs and I got into a great new routine though and I taught myself how to go up and down my porch steps so we could still spend plenty of time outside playing frisbee. We had a great break, even if somewhat boring for me, and then we had our first show back out in April where LYRIC went Winners Dog, only his second time in the show ring, to receive his first points... a 5 point major! He then went on to go Best of Breed over 4 champion dogs. What an exciting win for our young boy! Some health news on Lyric as well, he was OFA Eye clear in November, hips prelim "Fair", and his DNA health panel came back NORMAL for all: CEA, CL, TNS, MDR1, IGS, and DM!

In other health news, our co-owned boy Sully hips prelim "Good". Vienna and Autumn both received their DNA health panels as well. Vienna is NORMAL for all: CEA, CL, TNS, MDR1, IGS, and DM, as well as Autumn also being NORMAL for all: CEA, CL, TNS, MDR1, IGS, and DM.

  • Fall 2015
We have had a fairly quiet summer but decided to head out to a few shows in August and September. Leah picked up 2 more qualifying scores to receive her Rally novice title in August! She can now carry her 'RN' title. Vienna has also picked up her first 3 single points at a few small local shows. I broke my foot in September so we have to take another break this fall with hopes to get back into the show ring by the end of the year!

  • April 2015

Windsor hit the rally ring again this month and picked up his 3rd leg in Rally Novice, with a score of 92, to finish his RN title in just 3 straight shows! He is currently training in agility, but we might aim to get his RA this year as well! Leah went with us to this trial as well and picked up her very first leg in Rally Novice with a score of 94.
  • March 2015
Windsor attended his very first rally trial and picked up his first 2 legs towards his RN!

5 for 5! Nikki, Starr, Levi, Jordan, and Bristol all passed their OFA eye exams!
  • New year, new titles!
We started the new year with a bang! We went up to Erie, PA on January 24 and 25. On Saturday, Windsor was Winners Dog for a 5 point major to FINISH his championship at just 14 months old! What an exciting win!!! He only needed 5 singles to finish, and what a way to do it for this young guy. This was his 3rd major. I am so excited for his future. Thanks to judge Mrs Debbie Anthony.

On Sunday, my Ultra-dog was Winners bitch and she also finished her championship, only needing 1 point to finish. She then went on the take Best of Winners over the male dogs and picked up a 5 point major. Another VERY EXCITING win! Thank you to Mr David Anthony for recognizing my beautiful girl. I moved Windsor up to Best of Breed and showed him for fun, and he was Best of Opposite Sex and picked up his first 5 points & major towards his Grand Championship!

  • On a roll!
What a nice year we have had so far! Ella was shown one day at the Aliquippa PA shows and she won Best of Opposite Sex over a special! This gave her a 4 point major! She is now up to 9 points.


  • Another major

Ultra was Winners Bitch at the Butler PA shows, picking up 2 points. Unexpectedly, she was put of for Best of Opposite Sex over a special to give her a major! Thank you to breeder-judge Linn Klingel Brown. Windsor also picked up 1 more point!

  • Rally fun!

Back in August Ultra received her first 2 Rally Novice legs in one weekend, with scores in the 90s. Our next Rally trial was in December, where she picked up her final leg for her Rally Novice title. We moved her up to Rally Advance for the rest of the weekend, and in 3 back to back shows again she received her Rally Advance title. Two titles in just 6 straight shows! Good job Ultra-dog!!

  • Recent heath testing news!

In August we had 3 OFA/CERF Eye clears from Ultra, Windsor, and Leah. All 11 dogs are currently up to date with CLEAR eyes!!
Ella's OFA hip certification has been sent in with a pre-evaluation of Good to Excellent. We will post results when we get them!

EDIT: Ella is OFA Hip certified as "Good". (OFA Number: BCO-10511G26F-VPI).

  • Another MACH for Ammardan

One of our beautiful Zach sons gained his MACH title November 2014, MACH Ammardan Schultz Windsor


  • July and August 2014
Windsor hit his first show at the end of July, and at just 8 months old he picked up his very first major! He came out that weekend with another point the next day. He did it again going into August picking up his 2nd major, making him undefeated from the 6-9 month class! He has picked up several singles through August giving him 9 points with both majors right now!

Ultra has also picked up multiple singles and is currently sitting on 11 points. She also went to her first rally trial and picked up 2 legs towards her RN with nice high scores of 96 and 97!

  • June 2014
Ultra and I went to West Virginia, just to show one day, and she came home with a 3 point major (her first major) from judge Shelley Hennessy)!

  • May 2014
I am so proud of my little girl. Ultra is a once in a lifetime dog, my heart dog, a breeder's dream, and she's already racking up points in conformation (along with doing great in agility, see previous agility posts below!). Ultra was winners bitch 2 days in a row at the Ravenna Kennel club 05/10/14 and 05/11/14- picking up 1 point on Saturday and 2 points & BOW on Sunday! This gives her 5 points total with VERY limited showing.

  • April 2014

We've started this month, and this spring show season, off with a bang! Zest (Ammardan Ariel Zest) was winners dog 2 days in a row at Monroeville, picking up his first 2 points. Zest was from our Zip x Zane litter and is owned by & living with Sue Ezzo and his daddy Zip. Zest was breeder handled.
Ultra was winners bitch on Sunday at Monroeville for her first 2 points! YAY Ultra!
Also congratulations to my mother for her NEW CHAMPION "A.J." a smooth standard dachshund, and his daughter's first major.

Ultra and Gracie hit a CPE trial the day before Easter. Ultra came home with a 1st place in Standard, giving her her Level 1 Standard title in just 2 weekends! She also received a Q in jumpers for her Level 1 Jumpers title. Gracie Q'd in both Standard & Jumpers Level 2.

Ammardan's very first MACH title! MACH Ammardan's Rio Bravo Once Again, a gorgeous Rio son!

  • March 2014
Levi's DNA test for CL came back "Normal". He is not affected by and does not carry the CL disease, and cannot produce a puppy affected by it.
Starr's DNA test for TNS & CL came back "Normal". She is not affected by and does not carry the CL or TNS disease, and cannot produce a puppy affected by it.

  • January 2014
Ella was Winners bitch at the Rubber City Kennel Club show on 01/05/14. This was Ella's first major, thanks to judge Mr Houston Clark!

Jan 17-19 I am traveling to Colorado to visit a good breeder friend, and I'm super excited to potentially bring home a special surprise!
  • December 2013

Nikki has received her OFA certification, OFA Hips "Good". She was evaluated by Dr Hutchison as an "Excellent", very beautiful tight hips! (OFA Number: BCO-10151G25F-VPI)

  • November 2013
Levi was Select Dog for yet another Grand Champion major, he is hovering somewhere around 125 Grand Champion points. We also had a good health clearance day, 5 for 5!! Rage, Levi, Nikki, Ella, and Autumn have all CERF'd clear for the year!


  • September 2013
Ella received her very first AKC point going Winners Bitch, thank you to judge Mr James Fredericksen. Bristol was also shown, this was her very first show, and thought she3 had tons of FUN she was very naughty! The judge said she would make a very good stock dog hahaha!

  • August 2013
Ultra went to her very first agility trial and blew everyone away by getting a first place and her very first Q in Standard! She also qualified in Fullhouse. Gracie came home with several Q's as well, including her Level 1 Standard title.

  • July 2013
Nikki finished her championship, getting her last point, thanks to judge Mr William Usherwood, who also gave her a major in December!

Leah has received her OFA certification, OFA Hips "Good". (OFA Number: BCO-9979G24F-VPI)

Leah also received her very first Grand Champion points on her 2nd birthday!

  • June 2013
Leah had an exciting win today, going winners bitch for yet another 4 point major, to finish her championship. (She was reserve to the major the day before). Thank you judge Mr James Noe. Mr Noe had finished Leah's grandmother Jewel back in 2004, what a cool way to finish for Leah! This was Leah's fourth major, and her third 4 point major!

  • May 2013
We had an exceptional weekend at the New Castle shows. On Saturday under judge Mr David Anthony, Freeze (a Levi son owned by Angela Cooney and shown by Danielle) picked up 2 more points and Leah was Winners bitch/Best of Winners for her 2nd major, a 4 point major. Leah received some wonderful compliments on her breed type!
On Sunday under Mrs Debbie Anthony, Leah was winners bitch again for her third major! Levi was Select Dog.

  • March 2013
We had a fun trip heading down to the Louisville specialty. Nikki placed well in a big bred by class all 3 days. Ultra had a blast showing at her very first show! And Leah was reserve winners bitch to the 5 point major on Sunday. Levi also made the first 2 cuts in a huge Best of Breed class! It is always fun to keep up with the big boys!

  • November 2012
Huge thank you to judge Mrs Linda Robey for finishing our girl Kimber. Kimber went Winners bitch.


This weekend in Canfield at the Steel Valley Cluster, Ammardan went 4 for 4!
On Thursday Nikki went Winners bitch for her very first point at her very first show from Mr Ralph Ambrosio.
Friday was Lillith's turn for her very first point from Mrs Sheree Moses. Lillith is owned and shown by Rebecca Gardner.
On Saturday Kimber went Winners bitch for 2 points, unfortunately the dog major broke because all she needed was the major crossover to finish!
And finally on Sunday, Melody got Best of Winners for 2 points from Mr Robert Shreve, this was her final point needed and now she just needs a major to finish! Mel is owned and loved by Bethany Morr, and shown by Ammardan.

On top of the good show weekend, out beautiful Zane graced us with her babies 2 days early! She had 7 beautiful blue merles, sired by Zip owned by Sue Ezzo. See the litter here!

  • Mr Levi!
Some GREAT updates on Levi's campaign to his Bronze Grand Championship. Levi has proven to be a good, solid dog in the show ring... consistently in the ribbons for us. After Keegan finished his Grand Champion for us, we decided to take Levi back out to get his BRONZE Grand Champion (25 points needed for Grand Champion and 100 points needed for the Bronze level Grand Championship). In June, Levi took 2 Best of Breed wins, his first shows this year! He went Best of Breed over 3 other specials under Mrs Debbie Anrthony in New York and also made the cut in group from her. Towards the end of the month he took another Best of Breed win from Mr James Fredericksen over 2 other specials. In July, Levi took Select Dog 2 days in a row for 1 more single point each day. This puts him at 90 Points! We cannot wait to continue the success! Levi has 3 show weekens coming up in August!


  • May 12-13, 2012
It was a great weekend for Ammardan. Keegan took back to back Best of Breed wins and finished his Grand Champion title.
We also had Melody take winners bitch for her first major on May 12 under judge Mrs Alane Gomez. This was a 3 point major and Melody has a total of 10 points now. Melody is co-owned/lives with, conditioned, and trained by Bethany Morr and was handled to her major by breeder Danielle/Ammardan. On Sunday May 13 Kimber went winners bitch and best of winners, also for her first major, under judge Mr Melvin Beech. This was a 3 point major for Kimber and to date she has 7 points.


  • November 27, 2011

Schultz, owned by mark & Tricia Solinger and handled by Mark, received his MXF title this weekend and is now Ammardan's first agility dog with a masters title! Schultz is now Ammardan's Schultz Windsor AX, AXJ, MXF, a Zach son born January 3, 2008. Tricia says they are way ahead of their goal this year, and MACh is on it's way!

  •  November 5, 2011

Ace and I attended our very first obedience and rally trial together! Ace got his first BN (Beginner Novice) leg with a 2nd place, a score of 193, and a comment from the judge that he was one of the nicest dogs she'd seen in a while! He also received his first RN (Rally Novice) leg with a 3rd place and score of 95! I could not have been more proud of my boy. He had alot of fun and look forward to competing again in December. Photo below of Ace & I with his ribbons.

  • September 25, 2011


Our beautiful girl Starr finished her championship on September 25, 2011 under judge Mr William Bergum. She went winners bitch for a 4 point major. We could not be anymore excited! It was quite a chore finding judges who would appreciate a GOOD dog even though she has a white face a blue eye. Starr loves to go to the shows, so we may consider trying for her Grand Champion as well!

Photo below of Starr on her down and back right before she won!
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