News at Ammardan







January 2109- I have not been out showing as often as I used to. I have mainly been hitting the local show ground 2-3 times a year where several different kennel clubs hold their shows. It's close and easy, and honestly never disappoints for us here at Ammardan! Ari and I had another good start to the new year! She was Best of Breed for a 4 point major, winning over some lovely competition. This puts her half way to her grand championship with all 3 majors and 2 of her competition wins (wins over other champions).




Dec 17, 2018- Today we lost a great dog. I honestly never really know what to say when I lose one of my dogs. Of course they're always the best and it's something that comes to everyone. I don't usually share these things, but then sometimes it's harder when somebody asks later, like a scab being picked open. Sometimes we expect these things and sometimes we don't. I have lost many dogs, some that have been taken from me much too early, so I can only be grateful for the ones who pass on at am appropriate time, when there is nothing I can think that I would change, and I have nothing to feel angry about.

Zach has some very young kin (Zach x Vienna 2018) destined for great things and it will make it so very bittersweet to see that litter grow, it has been many years that he had any babies and his litter this year was exceptional. I had planned to repeat that Zach x Vienna this spring because the timing was not right for me to keep a puppy from the 2018 breeding, so at the moment I am heartbroken that I have nothing left from this line and that I did not keep a puppy, but they will all do so well where they are at.

Zach lived a good life. He was an easy going, happy dog who loved everything in life. He roamed my moms farm as he aged and then my good friends farm in North Carolina in his golden years. He was such an asset to my breeding program and he stamped his puppies well. He lost his sight not long ago but he took it in stride. He lived with my friend Sonya the past few years and I am so happy I was able to see him and spend a few weeks with him earlier this year.

I was so privileged to share your time on earth.

Ammardan's Zachary




Summer 2018- We have had some very good health testing news this year! Zada received an OFA hip evaluation of "Good". Our co-owned boy Finn also received an OFA prelim evaluation of "Good". All of our breeding dogs had clear eye exams this year. We have started testing for the new predisposition to Glaucoma and currently we have normal/clear results from Ari, Logan, Levi, Hayden, and Nikki.







August 2017- Our newest Champion, Ammardan's Arianthe (pictured right)! "Ari" had a 3 for 3 weekend, starting Friday with Winners bitch/Best of winners for 2 points. She followed Saturday with Winners bitch again for 3 points (her 3rd major), and again went Winners bitch/Best of winners on Sunday for her final point! Click on her photo to enlarge.