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The Border Collie is an active, intelligent breed who needs training, attention, and stimulation. My dogs do not come from high drive, off-the-wall type of lines and I do allow my puppies to go into pet homes, with the understanding that he still needs plenty of mental and physical exercise. While I expect my puppies to have good off switches, some will be more lower or higher drive than others. Any Border Collie is a fun, active companion who can also do well as performance or working dogs.

I breed a couple of well thought out litters each year and I look to place puppies in the best possible homes with the understanding that a puppy is a LIFETIME commitment. I reserve the right to refuse any sale. When contacting me, please provide me with information about yourself and what you're looking for! Breeding my dogs is a fun hobby and I do it solely for the enjoyment of my dogs and the breed. I need information from you to be sure the breed is right for you, and to help find the right litter or puppy to place with you.

Puppy prices:
Though we have always found it "tacky" to post prices on the website, we are getting more and more one-liner emails regarding pricing that we will not even respond to. If you are interested in a puppy please email us with a detailed message about yourself and what you're looking for, we will not respond to one-liner emails if you don't let us know you are a good candidate for one of our puppies. Posting prices here on the website now will help us omit these one-liner emails. Our prices reflect on the quality of our dogs and the money, time, blood, sweat, and tears that we put into training, raising, showing, and health testing them, along with many other things including puppy vet check-ups, registration, etc.

Pet price with limited registration:
This price includes spay/neuter agreement, microchip & chip enrollment fee, AKC limited registration fees, first vaccine and check up.
Full registration w/breeding and/or show rights:$1600 on a very limited basis.

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