NEW RE (Rally Excellent) TITLE! Sept 2019

Ch Ammardan's Very Ultra RE, CGCA, TDI "Ultra"

Ultra's stats:

Date of Birth: August 5, 2012
Color: Blue Merle and white with tan points
Coat: Rough/long  |  Weight: 35 pounds

OFA Hip Score: FAIR (
BCO-11504F44F-PI )
OFA/CERF Eye: clear May 2013, Aug 2014, May 2016
CEA: Normal (by parentage)
CL: Normal (by parentage)
TNS: Normal (by parentage)
OFA CHIC #: 135600

Sire: Grand Ch Ariel Linwald Baccan OA, OAJ, HT "Zip)
Sire hips: OFA Good (
BCO-7988G30M-VPI )
Dam: Ammardan's Going Inzane
Dam hips: OFA Good (
Breeder: Danielle Nash (Ammardan)
Owner: Danielle Nash (Ammardan)

Ultra is my heart, my soul, my everything. It was not originally planned for her to stay with me. My pick of the litter went to live with a good friend of mine to be shown & co-owned by her, but Ultra came to me in a time of need and she just stuck around, she chose me, it happened how it was meant to be. She is my heart dog, my moon and stars, my shadow. I could not imagine life without her.

Ultra is a fun, confident, and outgoing dog. She is opinionated, gets her way, and is basically one of those spoiled brat type of children who must sleep under the covers or on a pillow at night. She knows she is special. She knows she's my baby, but I get so much in return from her, mostly her unconditional love and loyalty.  She is a very much a "one-person" type of dog and nobody else in the world matters to her but me.

She is a wild girl, so much animation and personality and is appropriately nick named Ultra-Bad (as well as being called Ultra-Dog, which she prefers the most). She is gorgeous and she knows it! She has so much character and is very full of herself. Ultra is a picture perfect example of what I, as a breeder, thrive for. Solid temperament, sound structure, gorgeous movement, and exceptionally biddable and easy to live with. I could not ask for better! She is sweet and loving, my constant companion no matter where I go, but she is not super cuddly. She has her moments, usually when she wants a good back scratch, but otherwise she thinks I'm a weirdo if I want to cuddle on the couch with her.

Ultra's name was actually just given to her as her litter name and meant to be changed when we realized she was staying, but it stuck too! And it just fits so well.

Ultra passed her beginning obedience classes and flew through her CGC test at just 6 months old! She as been in agility training and recently competed at her first CPE trial at 15 months old, bringing home several of her very first Q's, including a 1st place in Novice Standard! She is now titled in CPE agility, she flew through her rally novice and advanced titles with 6 qualifying scores in a row, and she is now also certified as a therapy dog. She has even tried her hand in lure coursing with success and thoroughly enjoys herding like she is meant to. Ultra has some exciting wins in the conformation ring too. She picked up her 2nd major under a breeder judge by going Best Opposite Sex over a special! She finished her championship under Mr David Anthony with a FIVE point major. What a lovely win for a merle girlie!
Ultra's accomplishments include: Canine Good Citizen Advanced, Rally Obedience Excellent, AKC Conformation Champion, Therapy Dog certified,
CPE Agility Standard & Jumpers titles

I have kept with my gut feeling and have chosen not to breed Ultra. She is now spayed and continue to be the spoiled rotten princess that she knows she is!

Ultra's OFA page

My sun and stars, my heart and soul...


Ultra's sire Zip