Ch Ammardan's Forever In Blue Jeans


Date of Birth: January 9, 2003  |  Color: Blue merle and white  |  Weight: 40 pounds  |  Coat: Rough/Medium
OFA Hips: Good (BCO-5655G25F-PI|  Eyes: CEA Normal
AKC Registered: DN02037001  |  AKC DNA Profiled:
Sire: Ch Shoreland's Rio Bravo  |  Sire's OFA Hips: Good  |  Sire's Eyes: CEA Normal
Dam: BSP Ellie Blue  |  Dam's OFA Hips: Fair  |  Dam's Eyes: CEA Normal
Breeder: Danielle Nash AMMARDAN  |  Owner: Danielle Nash AMMARDAN

Accomplishments: AKC Conformation Champion, Canine Good Citizen

Madsion was out of our 2 foundation dogs, Rio and Ellie. As a result of Ellie climbing a fence, Madison's litter came about. Without her, many of our current dogs would not exist! Madison was the butt of it all, producing our Hayden and Amailee... and it goes on from there! She was a gorgeous girl, a moderate dog who appealed exceptionally well to the breed standard. She had the best temperament which she passed along to all of her babies. Madison is now deceased. My River is her granddaughter and she is so, amazingly identical to her grandma!

Deceased: January 9, 2003 - July 30, 2013

Ch Ammardan's Forever In Blue Jeans CGC

Blue Merle, OFA Good, CEA Normal

Ch Shoreland's Rio Bravo CGC, TDI, NAP, NJP

Black/white, OFA Good, CEA Normal

Ch Terbo Briarwood Money To Burn

Black/white, OFA Good

Ch Gotrah Kasper's Kid CDX

Black/white, OFA Good, Australian import

Briarwood's Makakii of Conant

Black/white, OFA Good

Shortline Duke

Milangimbi Sunset Tay UD

Red/white, OFA Excellent, Australian import

Ch Borderbreeze Barnstormer From Darkwind

Black/white, OFA Good, CEA & TNS Normal, UK import

Darkwind Jessica The Newz Maker

Black/white, OFA Good

Ch Korella Weave A Spell

Black/white, OFA Good, Australian import

BSP Ellie Blue (ABCA)

Blue Merle, OFA Fair, CEA Normal, AKC major pointed

Nicodemus (AIBC 114398)

Sweet William (AIBC 82523)

Amanda (AIBC 83002)

Merlynn's Skyla (ABCA 28611)

Dandy Lion (AIBC 55048)

Blue Merle, OFA Fair

Jessie (ABCA 13967)

Black/white, OFA Good

Carrie (ABCA 124212)


Spanky (ABCA 124210)

Duke (AIBC 85752)

Meg (AIBC 88099)

Kelley (AIBC 127460)

Nikki (AIBC 88098)

Shami (ABCA 30033)