Levi's stats:

Date of Birth: July 9, 2007
Color: Black and white
Coat: Rough/long  |  Weight: 45 pounds
AKC Registered: DN18932603
AKC DNA Profiled:
Breeder: Danielle Nash (Ammardan)
Owner: Danielle Nash (Ammardan)


OFA Hip Score: GOOD (BCO-8045G26M-VPI)
CERF Eye: clear Nov 2009, Aug 2011, Nov 2013, Mar 2015
CEA: Normal (by parentage)
CL: Normal (DNA tested Animal Genetics # 110408)
TNS: Normal (DNA tested UNSW # BC6530)
MDR1: Normal (by parentage)
BCG (Glaucoma): Normal (DNA tested- Animal Genetics)
OFA CHIC #: 134504
Sire: Ch Clan Abby NZ Kia Ora Kiwi (NZ) "Scooby"
Sire hips: OFA Good (BCO-6755G120M-PI)
Dam: Ch Ammardan's Designer Jeans "Amailee"
Dam hips: OFA Fair (BCO-6972F26F-VPI)

Levi is a very handsome and proud dog, but at heart he is just a huge mommy's boy (just don't tell anyone!). Levi was from Amailee's first litter bred to Scooby (owned by Tina Turley-Kocab) which was one of Scooby's only 2 litters he ever had. Scooby was imported from New Zealand as a puppy, and we couldn't be more thankful to Tina for allowing us to include his amazing pedigree into our breeding program! Levi finished his championship in style by going Best Opposite Sex over specials for a 4 point major, then went Best Opposite Sex again the next day- his first day out as a special! Levi took a break to grow up and hit the show ring again in July of 2010. With very limited showing he managed to finish his Grand Championship in 3 short months, he finished with a 5 point major Best of Breed win over TEN other specials in Michigan. He finished out 2010 as the #18 Border Collie in the country with 5 limited months of showing! Levi earned his BRONZE level Grand Champion! He is just the 30th Border Collie to accomplish this achievement, and I couldn't be more proud of my boy! He earned it all being breeder/owner handled!

Levi is a sweet, happy, and loving dog. He has a great drive and incredible endurance with a perfect off switch. He is turning 13 years old this year and you can hardly tell. He runs and plays like a puppy, and doesn't have a grey hair on his head! He has produced multiple conformation champions, agility stars, and off spring with a true herding talent.
Levi is currently taking an extended vacation with a very good friend. He will still be included in our own breeding program, and we have frozen semen available for any stud inquiries to select bitches. Pedigree available at the bottom of the page.

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Grand Ch Ammardan's Black Denim

Black/white, OFA Good, CEA/CL/TNS Normal, eyes CERF/CAER clear, BCG Normal

Ch Clan Abby NZ Kia Ora Kiwi

Black/white, OFA Good, CEA Normal, CERF clear, TNS Carrier, New Zealand import

Aust/NZ Grand Ch Clan Abby Phantom of Love

Black/white, Hips AVA 2/1

Aust/NZ/SA/Zim Ch Clan Abby Casanova Too

Black/white, Hips AVA 1/2

NZ Ch Evening Sky of Clan Abby

Black/white, Hips AVA 1/1

NZ Ch Clan Abby Lorna's Love

Black/white, Hips AVA 3/4

Aust Ch Aldyson Mac Cullum

UK Connection o'Clan Abby (NZ)

Aust/NZ Ch Casanova Joy of Clan Abby

Black/white, Hips AVA 3/5

Ch Ammardan's Designer Jeans

Black/white, OFA Fair, CEA Normal, CERF clear

Ch Borderfame Solid Rock

Black/white, OFA Good, Elbows Normal, CEA & TNS Normal, Australian import

Aust/Int/Jap Ch Nahrof Moonlighting

Blavk/white, Hips AVA 1/1

Aust Ch Glentress Show No Mercy

Black/white, Hips AVA 7/8

Aust Ch Wiralee Moon Shadow

Black/white, Hips AVA 2/2

Aust Ch Borderfame Mystic Power

Black/white, Hips AVA 4/5

Ch Ammardan's Forever In Blue Jeans CGC

Blue Merle, OFA Good, CEA Normal

Ch Shoreland's Rio Bravo CGC, TDI, NAP, NJP

Black/white, OFA Good, CEA Normal

Ch Terbo Briarwood Money To Burn

Black/white, OFA Good

BSP Ellie Blue (ABCA)

Blue Merle, OFA Fair, CEA Normal, AKC major pointed

Carrie (ABCA 124212)