Vallie's stats:

Date of Birth: January 9, 2020
Color: Black tri
Coat: Rough/long  |  Weight: growing
Breeder: Sonya Meeks (Little Foxx Farms)
Owner: Danielle Nash (Ammardan) & John C. Vag

OFA Hip Score: pending 2 years old
OFA/CERF Eye: pending 2 years old
CEA: Carrier
CL: Normal (by parentage)
TNS: Normal (by parentage))
IGS/CM: Normal (by parentage)
DM: Normal (by parentage)
MDR1: Normal (by parentage)
OFA CHIC #: pending after OFAs
Sire: Copper Ridge Putting To Flight at Ammardan
Sire hips: good
Dam: LFF Valiant
Vallie was my pick of the litter/puppy back from a breeder friend using her father, Arden. She stood out from day 1 with her unique markings and her temperament fits in so well with the whole pack here.

Ammardan's LFF Valkyrja

Ch Wildblue Shock N Awe

Black/white, OFA Good

Aust Ch Maghera Morse Code CDX HT

Aust Ch Bordalace Luck Of The Irish

Ch Wildblue Tartan Vesper

Black/white, carries gold and dilute, OFA Good, CEA/CL/TNS Normal by Parentage

Ch Wildblue Mirage

Gold/white, OFA Good, CEA/CL/TNS Normal by Parentage

Wildblue Tartan Mist

Blue/white, OFA Good, CEA & TNS Normal

Breathless at Wildblue

Black tri, OFA Good

Ch Borderfame True Blue HIC, PT

Blue Merle Tri, OFA Good, CEA Normal, Australian import

Shorelands Silver Wings

Black/white, OFA Good, Elbows Normal, CEA Carrier, TNS Normal

Ch Tapfers Bluebird On My Shoulder

Blue/white, OFA Good, CEA carrier

Little Foxx's Bootes

Black/white, ticking

Quinn (ABCA 364338)

Blue Merle, OFA Prelim Excellent

Blazzin Astro (ABCA 321631)

Lilac/white, OFA Good

Annie (ABCA 243079)

Lil Foxx Dallas (ABCA)

Red/white, OFA Good

Rocky (ABCA 228919)

UGFBC Flash (ABCA 293990)

Imported Astra Rei

Fast Forward Da Casa D'Arinia

Slate Merle, CEA/TNS Normal, Hips "b", Elbows "Normal"

Astra Rust (ISDS 260362)

Red Merle, Hips FCI-A1

Port Ch Borderiinan Cara Mia

Black/white, HD "B"

Whiterose Kep (ISDS 228380)

Black tri, CEA Normal

Eryri Nan (ISDS 214305)