Pathfinder Dream of Joy (Czech import)  "Trader"

Trader's stats:

Date of Birth: February 11, 2016
Country of birth: Czech Republic
Color: Black and white
Coat: Rough/long  |  Weight: 40 pounds

OFA Hip Score: GOOD (BCO-12521G24M-VPI)
OFA/CERF Eye: May 2016, Apr 2018
CEA: Normal (DNA tested)
CL: Normal (DNA tested)
TNS: Normal (DNA tested)
IGS/CM: Normal (DNA tested)
DM: Normal (DNA tested)
MDR1: Normal (DNA tested)
MC: Normal (DNA tested)
PLL: Normal (DNA tested)
Orivet (DNA panel) #: 17089376

Sire: Serbian Ch Hachiko Dream of Joy (Cz) "Hachi"
Sire hips: HD A/A OCD Free
Dam: For You Dream of Joy (Cz) "Gina"
Dam hips: DKK (Czech) 2/2 OCD Free

Breeder: Lenka Obracajova, Kennel Dream of Joy
Owner: Danielle Nash, Ammardan

About Trader:
Trader made his way here all the way from the Czech Republic. He is as sweet as can be, a very mild mannered dog, with a lovely steady temperament. He takes everything in stride and was unphased by all of his travel at just 10 weeks old! He is a very pleasant dog to live with and is just happy about everything. He is biddable with a good off switch. Trader picked up a 3 point major at his very first show. I do have very high hopes for Trader in the future, he has some very big shoes to fill here at Ammardan!

So many people ask about Trader's name, possibly confusing it with "traitor". Trader came from the 'P' litter when he was born, hence the name 'Pathfinder' given to him by his breeder and 'Dream of Joy' from the kennel he was born. I do try to use a "call" name that has the same/similar meaning to the "registration" name, and since I didn't want to just call him Pathfinder, it seemed a bit impersonal and also hard to spit out, so I did some research. I stumbled upon "Trader" meaning "well trodden path". There were several names with one path meaning or another, but I enjoy unique or different names and went with Trader, which you do not hear very often!
Trader is co-owned and resides with Rick Smith and 3 other Ammardan dogs! We plan to include him into our breeding program in the future.

Pathfinder Dream of Joy (Czech import)

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