Ammardan's Graceful Appeal CGC, TDI, CL1-R


Date of Birth: November 26, 2009  |  Color: Black and white  |  Weight: 35 pounds  |  Coat: Rough/Medium
OFA Hips: Vet evaluated "Good" (reference available)  |  Eyes: CEA Normal by Parentage
AKC Registered: DN26582701
Sire: Ammardan's Zachary (ABCA) | Sire's OFA Hips: Fair (BCO-7457F27M-VPI)
Dam: Ch Ammardan's Designer Jeans | Dam's OFA Hips: Fair (BCO-6972F26F-VPI)
Breeder: Danielle Nichols AMMARDAN  |  Owner: Danielle Nichols AMMARDAN
Accomplishments: Therapy Dog, Canine Good Citizen, CPE Agility Standard Level 1 Title

Gracie is sweet, loving, and caring. She is the type of dog who just adores everyone and will do her best to melt into you! She is the most willing to please dog you will ever meet. She is ALWAYS happy and has the biggest wiggle butt! She EASILY received her therapy dog certification and it is probably her favorite job! Gracie is constantly glued to me, always the first out the door for car rides, and the most content to always just be with me. Gracie is the youngest of Amailee's offspring, and the only Zach daughter I've had the pleasure to own. The breeding had been repeated twice because of the wonderful, amazing puppies that were produced, and Gracie is proof of that!

Gracie has gone thru several years of training, after a scary tire-jump accident we had to take a few steps back in training, but finally this summer 2013 we have been out to compete! Gracie is titled in CPE agility and is entered in her first AKC trial. She loves to work and please, enjoys agility, and we are excited to finally get her out to trials!

Gracie is now spayed and retired. She resides in Kansas with her new mom, Julie, with whom she will continue both agility and therapy!
Gracie is just absolutely adored by Julie. We were so lucky to meet Julie through a mutual friend while she was in search of her next Border Collie. We could not be more thankful for this wonderful opportunity for Gracie's retirement home!


    Gracie's first litter, sired by Keegan 01/21/2012

    Gracie's second litter, sired by Keegan 12/01/2012

    Gracie final litter, sired by Rage 03/09/2014


Gracie's sire Zach

Gracie's sire: Ammardan's Zachary

Gracie's sire: Ammardan's Zachary

Gracie's dam Amailee

Gracie's dam: Ch Ammardan's Designer Jeans

Gracie's dam: Ch Ammardan's Designer Jeans


Gracie's Pedigree

Ammardan's Zachary (ABCA)

Black/white, OFA Fair, CEA Normal

Ammardan's Rusty

ABCA 152778, Red/white, OFA Good, CEA Normal

Sweep (ABCA 102299)

Red/white, OFA Fair

Buckeye (ABCA 52114)

Cocoa (ABCA 88094

Rickie (ABCA 114443)


Ned (ABCA 32928)

Lady Olivia (ABCA 78932)

BSP Ellie Blue (ABCA)

Blue Merle, OFA Fair, CEA Normal, AKC major pointed

Nicodemus (AIBC 114398)

Merlynn's Skyla (ABCA 28611)

Carrie (ABCA 124212)


Spanky (ABCA 124210)

Kelley (AIBC 127460)

Ch Ammardan's Designer Jeans

Black/white, OFA Fair, CEA Normal, CERF clear

Ch Borderfame Solid Rock

Black/white, OFA Good, Elbows Normal, CEA & TNS Normal, Australian import

Aust/Int/Jap Ch Nahrof Moonlighting

Blavk/white, Hips AVA 1/1

Aust Ch Glentress Show No Mercy

Black/white, Hips AVA 7/8

Aust Ch Wiralee Moon Shadow

Black/white, Hips AVA 2/2

Aust Ch Borderfame Mystic Power

Black/white, Hips AVA 4/5

Ch Ammardan's Forever In Blue Jeans CGC

Blue Merle, OFA Good, CEA Normal

Ch Shoreland's Rio Bravo CGC, TDI, NAP, NJP

Black/white, OFA Good, CEA Normal

Ch Terbo Briarwood Money To Burn

Black/white, OFA Good

BSP Ellie Blue (ABCA)

Blue Merle, OFA Fair, CEA Normal, AKC major pointed

Carrie (ABCA 124212)


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